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Satellite-connected beehive monitoring

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hive weight • temp • humidity
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Use the interactive table below to estimate your setup costs. We've listed a typical setup to get you started.

Product Cost per unit Qty Total
Satellite hub icon Satellite hub
You must have at least one hub in order to report data!
Reports per day:
Hive weight scales icon Hive weight scales
Scales have audio readout so can operate standalone without satellite hub. Other devices need hub.
Hive strength monitor icon Hive strength monitor
Tracks bee count, hive temperature, and your choice of hive humidity or outside temperature.
Raingauge icon Raingauge $225.0
Water level icon Water level $250.0
Theft tracker icon Theft tracker
Separate hub not required.
Freight $
Total fees
Purchase price US$
Recurring fees
Depends on number of sensors and report frequency
Every X months
Estimated hub battery life: 12 months
Other sensors: 1 year

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