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Wi-Fi Beehive Scales

Wi-Fi Beehive Scales for Hobbyists, Researchers, and Backyard Beekeepers Smartphone app

While our core product is focused on large-scale commercial beekeepers, we have a lot time for “the little guy”, being a small dedicated team ourselves.

For smaller scale beekeepers and other niche areas, our full satellite system can be overkill. But other options in the market are slim, and we'd like everyone to be able to join the fun.

Our smartphone-connected Wi-Fi scale is the tool for the job. This is a cut-back version of our core product, which allows you to set up a scale in your back yard or orchard with local Wi-Fi and hook it up to the internet and your smartphone.

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More info

Here's a video outlining the different aspects of the product. Although the campaign has ended and some of the funding details are no longer relevant, you'll find the information about the product itself very useful.

For even more details View the original Wi-Fi Scales campaign here.