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Hivemind in the Media

Plenty of sweet ideas for beekeepers
4 August 2017
Hivemind, of Christchurch, produces a satellite-connected beehive monitoring system for remote hive sites, even those out of mobile coverage.
Hive monitoring company seeks crowd funding
10 April 2017
Endorsement by users of the monitoring systems suggest increases in honey yields by as much as 18 per cent. The systems allow beekeepers to see from ...
Christchurch inventor capitalises on beehive health
5 April 2017
A Christchurch developer of beehive monitoring technology is trying to raise money to launch an app that lets beekeepers check the condition of their ...
Hivemind seeks Crowdfunding to make bee surveillance for hive health more affordable
3 April, 2017
Hivemind is launching a new Hive Strength Monitor with WiFi that tracks and reports data on hive humidity, bee count, and in-hive and ambient ...
Harmony in the Hive: Monitoring Beehives to Redefine Agriculture
20 March 2017
For a team of creative problem solvers, nothing spurs innovation quite like unique constraints. And in the weather-worn and electricity-deprived ...
The Buzz About Bees
16 April 2017
Trekking through paddocks to reach your bees has always been one of the dowsnsides to beekeeping. Now beekeepers can monitor their hives with the ...
2016 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards Finalists Announced
March 2016
Wayne Norrie, Chair of the Hi-Tech Trust, says the standard of entries is the highest yet seen in the 22 years that the event has been held.
Location and movement sensors thwart hive thieves
8 October, 2015
Thieves are stealing manuka honey hives, forcing beekeepers to protect their hives using location and movement sensors.
NZ Innovation Awards 2015 Finalist
October, 2015
We would like to congratulate the finalists for the New Zealand Innovators Awards 2015.
Hivemind beekeeping technology starts new buzz
18 July, 2015
A Christchurch company is using modern software to transform one of the world's oldest professions - beekeeping.
'Hivemind' monitor tracks bee yield
7 October, 2013
A chat on a plane led the Hoyt brothers to design and build their first branded product - Hivemind, a remote monitoring system for beekeepers.