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Hivemind API access

To use the Hivemind API, you simply make a request to one of the URL endpoints below, using your API key.

All API requests begin with, and include the API key in the URL parameter named api_key. Our demo hub on the homepage is publicly available for testing with serial number H0 (no API key needed).

For example:

You can access your API key by logging in and returning to this page.

New readings for hub

Request new readings since previous request (or since purchase of hub, if first request):

Example:[HUB_SERIAL_NUMBER]/readings/new?api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY] Response: [{"battery": 13.2, "local_time": "2014-08-12 00:48:53", "notes": "", "utc_time": "2014-08-11 12:48:53", "weights": [60.5, 59.4, 60.7] }, {"battery": 13.5, "local_time": "2014-08-12 01:48:32", "notes": "", "utc_time": "2014-08-11 13:48:32", "weights": [61.4, 58.3, 61.4] }, {...}, ]

Reset new readings for hub

Reset the date on the New Readings request so that you can get all history.

Example:[HUB_SERIAL_NUMBER]/readings/new?api_key=[YOUR_API_KEY] Response: As above.

Request readings by date range

Get readings according to a given start date and end date.

Response: As above.