Track hive weight remotely

Hivemind is a product that increases your crop yield – with yard gains of around 4000 kg per year. You can track how much honey is in your beehives. And you don't have to be anywhere near your hives to get a reading. When the hives get full, you better get moving.

How? It's all in the timing and visibility of your hives. Hivemind sends your hive weights via satellite, and shows them on an interactive graph right on your Hivemind home page. You can even add your own events to the graph to keep track of what you did to the hives. Just point and click.

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Cable-free scales available now!

Our product is always improving due to our openness with our customers.

Our latest development, the wireless scales, was recently fully funded in our popular Kickstarter campaign, where you can see a video about the development of this product.

Now that the campaign has finished, the new system is in full production and we can ship your order within a few weeks.

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How Hivemind works

The technical details

Hivemind is an outdoors product, and needs to perform well in hot sun, wind, freezing rain and everything in between. Here's what it's capable of:

  • No charging required: the built-in solar panel and battery will keep this operating for years without maintenance
  • IP67 weatherproof enclosure for all electronics
  • Satellite connectivity on the Iridium network so that you can use it in the remotest hives!
  • Accurate, industrial scales seated under any standard hive
  • Multiple extra scales available as a low-cost add-on to a single unit
  • Doorway activity sensor coming soon ...
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Primary contact: Berwyn Hoyt
Email: click here for our email address
Aus Phone: (02) 8188 2768
NZ Phone: +64 3 741 1204

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An example of what you'll be getting

Local beehives

CSV export Location history
16 Nov, 2015, 10:40 am
10 Apr, 2013, 10:40 pm

  • 85%

  • 60%

  • 85%

  • 75%
  • temperature
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Things you should know

Hivemind is an industry-leading product for keeping track of your hives in remote locations.

The product has been designed with continual feedback from beekeepers like you, as well as equipment manufacturers and beekeeping organisations.

Behind Hivemind, we have a team of engineers who will ensure the product grows with your needs. Although the product is being designed to last over five years (and beyond), we'll keep making it better, and continue to broaden your options.

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